RationaleThe Trustees of Park Avenue Girls High School are required by law to agree and publish their admission criteria. Purpose The Admission Policy is to enable the Governing Body to have criteria to determine admission in the event of applications exceeding the Governors’ planned admission limit.

Guidelines: Section 1 - General Principles Park Avenue Girls High School is an 11-16 girls School. We are a specialist faith school but do not have any requirements for aptitude from prospective students. We are a Change Creative Partnerships School and a fully extended school. We believe that as a Foundation school we will be able to develop a unique confident culture, a caring community of individuals working in a purposeful atmosphere.

The main principle of admission to Park Avenue Girls High School is to maintain the character of the school as a comprehensive school, providing for the needs of young persons within the 11-16 age range, who live in stoke on trent and the surrounding areas. We will have strong links with local primary schools with which we collaborate on both curriculum initiatives and staff training. We will also work with other Schools and Colleges in relation to 14 – 19 provision including Diplomas and we wish to maintain this collaboration through our admission policy. We are an ‘inclusive’ school and welcome all applications. School dress is intended to encourage a professional appearance and a pride in the school. We have tried to keep this at a reasonable cost while maintaining a level of conformity and are pleased to discuss any concerns you may have about school dress items. Admission to our school is not dependent on any voluntary contribution and we have a full range of extracurricular activities available to all students. We also have a full program of visits for which a charge may be made but again are pleased to discuss any concerns anyone may have. The school will endeavor to provide places for students who live outside our priority admissions area whose parents wish them to attend Park Avenue Girls High School provided that they can be accommodated within the admission limits. Students will be admitted at the age of 11+ without reference to ability or aptitude in line with the agreed admission number. The admission number for September 2012 is Year 7 : 20 Year 8 : 20 Year 9 : 20, Admission figures will be subject to annual review. At any point mid year or in year admissions should be admitted in accordance with the policy. The school participates in the Local Authority coordinated scheme and all deadlines within that should be adhered to by applicants. Children with statements of special educational needs naming the school will also be admitted. As required by the Regulations of 2005 the school will give top priority to applications on behalf of children in public care (Children in Care). ‘Children in Care’ who are in the care of/or accommodation of the Local Authority as defined in the Children Act 1989.

Section 2 – Procedures. Oversubscription In the event of over subscription, admissions will be determined using the following criteria:

1. Relevant ‘Children in Care’ for whom the school is deemed to be appropriate.
2. Children with a sibling (See section 3 Definitions) who will be on our school roll at the start of the new academic year and who V:\Policies\Policies\Admissions Policy 2011-2012 - December 2009.Doc Page 2

All applicants who have completed the MTQ application form will undergo an assessment of the ‘Practising Muslim’ criteria. This will be a verbal assessment. ‘Practicing Muslim’ is defined as: Those children who accept and practice the five pillars of Islam and believe in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The five pillars of Islam are Shahadah (declaration of faith), Salat (prayer), Sawm (fasting in the month of Ramadan), Zakat (alms giving) and Hajj (pilgrimage).

Late applications
Late applications will be considered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria and if there are no places available the child will be placed on the waiting list after all the other applicants.
In year applications
From September 2012, all in year applications should be made through the Local Authority in which your child resides.
Waiting list
The waiting list will be generated using the oversubscription criteria. Any places that become available will be allocated according to the waiting list.
If a child is refused admission, parents have a right to appeal to an independent appeals panel. An appeal form can be obtained from the school office which must be completed by the date stated.

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